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K. Scherazade presents: 5o,ooo Words of Love

50,000 words. That is my goal for Words of Love, however small that may seem.  This journey actually started off as a novel. I had found myself drawn to this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge which calls for the completion of 50,000 words of your own novel to be completed in the month of November. Although I wasn’t aware of the challenge until two days after it had already started, it had still seemed to be the perfect way to get my creative juices flowing and jump start my writing again.

As the first few days passed, I found it fairly easy to meet my word count goals; dedicating at least two hours daily to my writing. As more days came and went however, I found myself becoming increasingly more frustrated because I was continually finding a lot more of my time was actually being spent on  character and plot development than on the actual writing itself. It was making it hard to reach my goals anymore especially with my busy schedule.

I expressed my frustrations with those aware of my goal and their responses were all so overwhelmingly similar: scrap the novel and do a collection of my poetic works. This wasn’t the first time that I had heard that I should move forward with my poetry, it was a popular opinion given to me from my loved ones especially over the past year or so. I too often found myself wanting to submit my poems to various literary magazines but never quite came around to doing so. I was more interested in starting a blog. So here I am, starting up with Words of Love, my labor of love.

As Jay Z said, “What you about to witness is my thoughts. Just my thoughts man – right or wrong. Just what I was feeling at the time.”

50,000 words of poetry, 50,000 words of emotion, 50,000 words of love and 50,000 words of me.

Here I will work towards my goal of 50,000 words this time with my poetry being in the forefront. I will also stay connected with posts of my random written thoughts, or anything else that I feel should be shared . Don’t be surprised by the randomness you may run into.Random may as well have been my middle name.

Love and Light,

K. Scherazade

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