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Just Keep Swimming…

keep on

When we look into the mirror in the morning, the last thing we want to see staring back at us is a failure. To be a failure means that you came up short. You weren’t fast enough. You weren’t smart enough. You just flat out weren’t good enough. As devastating of a blow as this can be to our egos, we will all feel inadequate at one time or other. It’s part of the human experience. I personally find myself battling feelings of inadequacy multiple times a day. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I see these very moments as moments of measure. A chance to show myself that I am more than adequate. I am capable. I am me.

There have been various points in my life where I have found myself facing situations that I thought would surely be the end of me. Situations that tested my faith and self-confidence to the very limits. There were times where I thought the pressures of life would send me crumbling away into a million little pieces.  As if I had no grit to me, as if I had never been faced with heart breaking gut wrenching moments before. In these moments it’s extremely easy to find yourself feeling the pull of the current dragging you under. Sometimes you want to give up the fight. Sometimes you just want to be done…

In these times especially though, you mustn’t give up. There’s always more. More to love. More to laugh. More to live. And because you know that there is more, you must keep on keeping on as my Nana would say. Just keep swimming. You are more than adequate. You are capable. You are you.

Next time you look in the mirror I want you to realize that you are looking at a warrior. You are looking into the eyes of somebody who has been through hell and back; yet still finds the strength to continue on. I hope that next time you are flung into the middle of a storm that you remember the astonishing amount of strength that you possess and that you find it within yourself to just keep on keeping on. Once you embrace these truths you will soon see that you, my dear, are far from a failure.

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Spinning Straw into Gold: Thoughts on Writing

hannah brencher.


For the last few days, I’ve sat in a dark room giving memories their proper burials.

I can imagine the way the funeral director wrings her hands beneath the hot water faucet as she preps to make settings of “goodbye” for so many. It feels a lot like that; writing a book is like finally saying goodbye to memories and finally having the courage to let go for good as you script just enough to tell your friend over a cup of coffee, “I’ve used up all the words. It’s over now.”

I didn’t imagine writing a book would feel this way. I’m one month into writing a book and I didn’t imagine it would be like this. I’m certain now that I will write a book about writing a book just so I can write the line, “It was the most hauntingly beautiful process I’ve ever experienced, to sit…

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