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Sometimes I get so caught up

That I just forget

to breathe
You say to let it go

because  I hold no control
That God plays that roll

so I might as well just…
But what does that really mean?
Is it so simple

that all I have to do is
It simply can’t be
No, it seems to me
that life’s key’s
more elusive


much more exclusive
and the truth is

that you  want me to just

You say it’s

It’s the gift of life
That it powers the soul
And that science and spirituality will harmoniously collide

when I just

So when serpent knocks on my door
and I’m feeling like I can’t take anymore
I’m going to just…
I’ll  Let it go and

I ‘ll ride the wave
and when it gets tough

I’ll let go

And I’ll pray
right now I’m young

trying to find my way
trying to walk the path in which
He’s laid
I thank you lord for investing in me
Entrusting in me this life to lead
Visions to see
And the ability to be

and just


even though I sometimes fear


I just want to be near..


I just want to know that you hear my cries

So I’ll breath

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The Poet

The poet speaks of music

Speaks of beauty,

Speaks of art

The poet speaks of hatred

The poet

Falls apart

The poet shares their struggles

The poet shows their heart

The poet’s biggest problem

Is simply knowing

Where to start

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